On Danger…

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Every time I push the boundaries of my comfort to see what new and exciting horizons lay ahead, I am met with a short pause of hesitation. Right before the plunge into the unknown I hear the voice of my mother from my childhood saying “Danger Will Robinson!” As I grow and learn I realize that in the past I used to let that voice be a barrier between me and the future, I was afraid of the danger that might be waiting for me just around the corner. The word danger comes from Anglo-French daunger, which means, “power, mastery, authority, control.” When I came across this I finally understood why that word is used to forewarn us about events to come. When we let go of the shore to brave the open ocean we give up our control and security of a situation or environment, but what often happens is that we gain control of a space that contains more power and is worth more than anything we can hold in our hands…that is the self. When all of the temporary things show their inconsistency we are forced to go inward and it is there that we find solid ground. St. Augustin of Hippo puts this inward journey perfectly as he writes, “You were more inward to me than the most inward part of me, and higher than my highest reach.  I could not discern the light of virtue and of beauty, which the eye of flesh cannot see, and only the inner vision can. I entered my inward soul, guided by you . . . and with the eye of my soul—such as it was—saw the truth of who I am.” What dangers lie ahead of us today? Are we going to let the comfort of present comfort control us and enslave us? Or will we choose to take the step onto the path less travelled by and find who we are in the process.       

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