On Greed…

Napoleon I on His Imperial Throne - Wikipedia

The French diplomat Alexis de Tocqueville, when touring America, saw a land saturated in wealth, prosperity and ingenuity. However, the one downfall, he warned in his published journals, was the problem of greed and corruption. Alexis marveled at what he later would call “the restless hunger of the American people.”  The fragile balance of the  high threshold for human achievement intertwined with the bottomless void of greed caused Alexis to leave the states with words of warning on his lips. Likewise, the ancient philosopher Boethius in his book The Consolation of Philosophy shared a similar fear for the people of his own time as he writes, “when the evil sword of power is joined to the poison of passion, the common people must groan under an intolerable burden.” It is easy to lose one’s way in the never-ending pursuit of recognition, wealth and achievement especially in a world that champions these things over a pursuit of virtue. Christ shows us the way to glory, honor and grace and it begins with the cross and ends with resurrection. I have found that every time I am lost in the pursuit of “more” God brings me to Calvary and after, what I find far surpasses the fools gold I was so eager to possess.       

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